21 luglio 2014

Burberry relies on Brachi

The reasons for the partnership officialized during a recent seminar in Florence

The name Burberry needs no presentation. Established in 1856, the British fashion house is famous, among other things, for the typical tartan motif of its products. As the only Bureau Veritas laboratory in Italy, Brachi is the reference partner of Burberry  for all analyses and quality tests on clothing items, leather accessories and shoes.

On the 3rd of July, in Florence, the suppliers in Italy of the British brand had the opportunity to know the reasons of a partnership based on the prestige of Bureau Veritas network and Brachi’s competences.
What unites Burberry to our laboratory is the common attention to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, as well as the awareness of the key-role they both play in economic development. Giulio Lombardo, Marketing Manager of Brachi, focused its lecture exactly on this aspect, emphasizing the long relation with Bureau Veritas, the importance of accreditations as ireliability guarantee and the crucial themes of product and process sustainability.

«Accreditations, the result orientation and the integrity that characterizes our approach to competition are the secrets of Brachi excellent reputation», the manager explained. The impressions from seminar participants suggest these also are the reasons why Burberry and many of the most international fashion and luxury brands put their trust in Brachi. «We simply don’t believe in improvisation. That’s why we worked together with Process Factory to create a network like 4sustainability able to manage the technical and regulatory aspects of sustainability with the specialization degree and answer time that markets today want». 


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