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30 giugno 2015

Reach: new restrictions on lead

Zero tolerance for the items that are considered at risk of oral contact

The European Commission amended the provisions of REACH Annex XVII, severely limiting the use of lead and its compounds in the items that children might put in their mouths. The established limit of 0.05% does not apply when it can be demonstrated that the level of lead released is lower than 0,05 µg/cm2 per hour.

The REACH Annex XVII already prohibited the use of lead in jewelry in quantities greater than 0.05 µg/cm2.The new restrictions are an extension of this principle, considering the use of lead in other consumer products and the particularly high risk in cases of oral contact. It is obvious that children are the most exposed to this danger. Hence the decision to limit the use of lead and its compounds in all those articles – or accessible parts thereof – that, in normal or reasonably foreseeable use, may be placed in the mouth by children.

The new restrictions do not apply to articles placed on the market for the first time on a date prior to 1 June 2016.


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