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8 aprile 2014

Brachi new website is online

Guide for Internet users

Brachi new website is online, with a new philosophy, a new architecture, a new design and a language style absolutely mmediate. What’s more, it’s intuitive and easy to surf from computers and all the most popular mobile divices.
A “business ticket” was not enough, we wanted a real working tool to keep alive the relations with the professionals and companies of our network, offering something more from an information point of view.
MyLab is just one of the possible examples: an online laboratory service that allows, upon registration, to monitor the state of your tests in progress, to consult the archive of test reports already issued, to request new tests online and much more. In other terms, it’s a web platform to connect users to the laboratory continuously, so that you can verify in real time your test reports – that means the correspondence of your products to the requirements defined by the law or the client company – and so manage with the necessary rapidity the production cycles and the relations with your suppliers.

The new website is a veritable corporate tool, that enhances the Group’s identity by showing just in Home Page our three main operating fields: TestingConsulting, and Sustainability. All services referred to these areas are presented in a simple and concise way according to the fast pace of modern communication.
But synthesis doesn’t mean lack of clarity. On the contrary, the richness in contents is one of the most evident features of our new website, published in ItalianEnglish and Chinese to reach as much persons as possible in the most direct way possible.

Menu voices are few, but all relevant and well evident as for instance our Contacts. The area dedicated to our identity (The Group) is particularly important because it explains who we really are, which are our roots and our ambitions, where we want to arrive and especially how, relying on which values. OriginalityCultureInnovationReliability: these are the points of reference that define our Group and management, with which every service made for enterprise has to conform in order to guarantee and safeguard the quality of the products and strategies.

The News area is another absolute novelty. It’s the way we chose to tell you everything about us and you, because as your partners we pay attention to all that touches your interests and your operating fields.


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