The activity of analysis, testing and textile research is one of the sectors of specialization in which the Group has the greatest experience and authority, as certified by the many accreditations and collaboration with the most important names in fashion. Through its laboratories in Italy, China and Bangladesh and the strategic partnerships in India and Pakistan, Brachi is the guarantor for the quality of the textile and tanning industry. What makes the difference is the customized approach to the service: there are no standard tests, but tests made to measure depending on specific requirements.


Brachi's consulting services range from the technical and regulatory aspects of quality control to the technical-insurance sector, with activities of support and assistance connected with the settlement of claims. These are integrated services whose common denominator resides in the reliability of the Group. Services oriented toward the maximum professionalism and confidentiality, with high quality standards whatever type of consultation is required. Continuous assistance guarantees the enterprises also in case of urgency.


What do we mean by sustainability and who does it interest? What is a plan of sustainable development and how can a company create it, manage it, and advertise it? What are the best technical and IT instruments to use? Brachi has detailed, concrete answers to all these questions, thanks to the experience it has acquired in the field of product sustainability, in particular, and the network of skills offered with Process Factory to support the companies also at the level of processes and technology.

ZDHC Gateway

Brachi Testing Services riceives the provisional accredited laboratory status for the Wastewater Module

The attribution of the provisional laboratory status for sludge and wastewater analysis according to the ZDHC Wastewater Module streghtens the Brachi Testing Services's reputation as one of the most reliable laboratories in the fashion & luxury sector, to which it contributes with a unique set of skills and professionalism.

Cashmere, improvisation is forbidden

What skills you should require for the analysis of raw fibers and artifacts

The laboratory’s specific skills are a key requirement if you want to be sure of the analysis’s reliability on cashmere. Brachi Testing Services is an absolute benchmark in this field, as evidenced by the numerous international accreditations and recognition by organizations involved in the protection of this precious fiber.

New talents wanted!

Brachi Testing Services recruits a junior profile for its Sales Office

Brachi Lab recruits a junior profile for its Sales Office. We offer a paid internship aimed at employment. Needed requirements include fluent English, mastery of the main IT tools, availability to travel on Italian territory. We are looking for young motivated people, able to quickly learn the specifics of our activity sector.