We are original because we know things that others don’t, things that we turn into custom solutions for businesses competitiveness.

We are reliable because we believe that relationships – with customers and our own collaborators – gain value over time.

We are reactive because we are constantly committed to improving our response time in service and input collection from the market.

The importance of recognizability

A brand-new site for Brachi Testing Services. Space also to the Group's other companies

A whole new site, but absolutely recognizable.
Same URL address, same graphics, same usability, but an approach focused on Brachi Lab, to give space to its services range - one of the widest in the sector - and to reward its dynamism at international level. Have a good surfing!

Tests on bovine pericardium

Brachi Testing Services contribution to an important medical research project

Brachi Testing Services is proud to announce the publication of a study on the surgical use of bovine pericardium in the Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials.
Brachi lab is directly involved in this project, since it performed all necessary tests.

ZDHC Gateway

Brachi Testing Services riceives the provisional accredited laboratory status for the Wastewater Module

The attribution of the provisional laboratory status for sludge and wastewater analysis according to the ZDHC Wastewater Module streghtens the Brachi Testing Services's reputation as one of the most reliable laboratories in the fashion & luxury sector, to which it contributes with a unique set of skills and professionalism.