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28 july 2015

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Brachi - Integrated Services for Enterprise has its company channel

After Linkedin, it’s time for YouTube. The Brachi channel on the famous video sharing web platform is officially online. Another step that allows us to communicate with the world in real time using the power of the moving images. We will act as always following our style, without self-referential excesses. Our goal is to publish not only the self-produced videos or those that concern us directly, but to even collect what the network offers of relevant for our customers – real and potential – and our business field.

The debut video is a language game. What is the approach to the analysis and service of our laboratory? How do we work? What are our values? What sets us apart from our competitors? We have summarized our philosophy in an unusual manifesto that explains everything in a few words, and that we hope will stir your interest.
The next video is in the pipeline and others will soon follow. You can access the Brachi channel on YouTube with a single click, directly from our website. Keep in touch! 


Brachi Process Innovation:
Project co-financed under the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

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