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7 april 2014

Brachi r-evolution

New organization, new working spaces, new coordinated image

We prepare to live a season of great growth, aware of operating in a global market always more difficult and unsettled. We are equipped to face every challenge with the necessary determination and the reasonable certainty we will be able to reach the goals we set ourselves.
Brachi evolves to remain true to itself and keep on offering a quality and customization of service that traditionally charaterizes us. The new corporate website is the visual representation of this transformation, which doesn’t change the essence of what we do but the way we want to compete.

Our Group supplies integrated services via outsurcing to the enterprises, honing its skills in the technical and insurance sector, providing quality control for the fashion and interior design industries and developing models of sustainability. Our laboratory, the Studio Tecnico Brachi, 4sustainability… they are all integral parts of this Group, whose aim is to propose as a single partner specialized in three distinct and complementary areas: tests and analyses (Testing), technical and insurance consulting, with activities of support and assistance connected with the settlement of claims (Consulting), and the area of products and process sustainability (Sustainability).
Our common flag is the Brachi name, identified starting from today by a new logo and a new coordinated image. Communication is fundamental, as well as recognizability. That’s why we are committed to creating clear guide lines so that all the communication tools of the Group and the companies that form part of it – from e-mail signatures to business cards, from communications to clients to press releases and the website – are always coherent and referable to the same source.

It’s much more than a change of dress. It’s the mirror of a “revolution” in the approach and mentality aimed at development. We are proud of what we have already achieved but this is not enough for us, we want to strenghten our presence on international markets and conquer new spaces. As we know this kind of ambitions can be satisfied only by investing in competence and human resources, we decided to enlarge even phisically, so that new professionals can become part of our family and contribute to the Group’s success. Our new offices will be ready soon. We invite you to visit us already by now.


Brachi Process Innovation:
Project co-financed under the POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

BTS process innovation - BTS process innovation 2.0 - Brachi innovazione di processo