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Brachi Lab boasts a long experience in cashmere testing.

Diversification and specialization

With its top level team and state-of-the-art equipment, Brachi Testing Services can perform almost all the tests required by the market, according to the main national and international standards: UNI, EN, ISO, ASTM, AATCC e CFR, GB, JIS, IUF, ecc.

Its regular participation in interlaboratory circuits guarantees the reliability of all tests performed.

Our catalog of tests, many of which ACCREDIA certified, is one of the most complete on the market.
Our skills range from textiles to the fashion and furnishing sectors to non-woven fabrics, garments, leather, metallic and non-metallic components, leather goods, footwear, chemical auxiliaries and industrial waters, as well as textile toys.

A lab flagship is the long experience in cashmere testing: Brachi Testing Services is one of the few laboratories in the world recognized by the world's leading international cashmere organization.

Download the Test Request Form, fill all its field out and send the form to our lab together with the sample to be analysed.

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OFRs forbidden in the United States

CPSC published a guidance document on organohalogen flame retardants

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published guidelines on the hazardous additive, non-polymeric organohalogen flame retardants (OFRs) in certain consumer products, including infant or toddler products, toys, upholstered furniture, mattresses and mattress pads, plastic casing surrounding electronics.

ZDHC Gateway

Brachi Testing Services riceives the provisional accredited laboratory status for the Wastewater Module

The attribution of the provisional laboratory status for sludge and wastewater analysis according to the ZDHC Wastewater Module streghtens the Brachi Testing Services's reputation as one of the most reliable laboratories in the fashion & luxury sector, to which it contributes with a unique set of skills and professionalism.

War on grey import

In Russia and the Eurasian Customs Union, chip-marking becomes widespread practice

An interesting article about the war on so-called gray import by our partner IC Trade.
The instrument identified by Russian authorities is the chip-marking of many consumer goods, from the pilot project on fur based on RFID technology to garments and footwear.